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Norwegian Special Mission AS (NSM) is based on a solid foundation of experienced management and aviation professionals. We are a private limited company with 100% Norwegian owners, with Sundt AS as the main investor, devoted to a long term and stable operation. We build on a long Norwegian tradition participating actively in the aviation society to develop advanced, reliable and cost efficient special airborne mission solutions for Flight Inspection and Airborne Surveillance.

NSM is conveniently co-located with Sundt Air at Oslo international airport, facilitating optimal utilization of recourses in the group. The Sundt Air building provides modern office facilities with direct access to well-equipped aircraft modification and maintenance facilities in our hangar.

The team of engineers at NSM is among the most experienced aviation, surveillance and flight inspection professional’s worldwide. The company’s core is strategically built on the human capital. We continuously encourage and develop our knowledge and experience, working closely together with our customers.

Our name is our game and we are determined to provide the best possible solutions for airborne special missions. We are flexible and devoted to tailor our products and services to the customer’s detailed and specific requirements. We have established an innovative organization and co-operation with strategic partners. Fresh thinking and modern concepts throughout are employed to eliminate cost driving factors. We are confident that we can offer the highest value at the most competitive cost.

Both the UNIFIS 3000 Flight Inspection System and the SEAHUNTER 8000 Airborne Surveillance System are by design optimized for efficient operation and to serve as powerful mission systems to cope with the most demanding calibration and surveillance operation. Our products have modern design where nothing has been compromised to develop the ultimate for its mission. Combining strategic partners and a strong group of corporate companies we can offer unique turn-key solutions to the market.

We can supply equipment and services, exceeding your expectations on product quality and functionality. Should you need a partner for complete delivery of aircraft, equipment, modification and certification; the joint forces of the companies in the Sundt Group have all the products, capabilities and financial strength to be your safe and reliable turn-key supplier of Special Mission aircraft.

Whatever your requirements, we are here for you.